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Clarity is Power- to thine own self be true!


Clarity Is Power!

Today´s post has been inspired by the week just passed where I have been caught in my own battle with my heart and my mind, and so have many others who have crossed my path in the past few days. So i wanted to share with you all how to get some clarity, when it seems like everything is happening at once.

First of all let´s get clear about what clarity actually is, because afterall, clarity IS power!

Intellectual clarity is all about our head and what we think we SHOULD or OUGHT to do! Emotionally clarity is when we feel in our heart that we are inexplicably motivated to do that which our head thinks we should do. When our heart is aligned with our mind. This, very simply, is clarity. If you have to struggle to find that inner motivation to get up and make something happen, it is a clear sign that your heart is digging in its little heels, and not feeling it atall. And at the end of the day, that´s what it´s all about! The way a person, place or thing makes us FEEL!

The quickest way to see results, is to love the process and not focus on the outcome. That does not mean you don’t have goals. That means you no longer think of them as goals but as choices. If you are absolutely certain, without any doubt in your mind AND in your heart that you will achieve a certain result, it is no longer a goal. It is a choice.

The heart always wins in the end. When we come into this world, we are pure love and light. It is only the forming of our Ego and the conditioning of our mind, which causes us to get caught in self- doubt, fear, anger etc and at a soul level, we know this. Have you ever experienced a time when you think you really, really want something, but when it doesn´t work out you almost seem to breathe an inner sigh of relief? this is your heart calling… your true self is trying to get through to you.. so how long will you wait until you answer it´s call? It brings to mind a song by Maroon5- the one that goes “try to tell you no, but my body keeps on telling you yes…” this is a clear example of the every day battle many of us face between what our mind thinks is right or wrong, and what our heart KNOWS is right or wrong… why do you think it´s referred to as “that inner knowing”

It is often useful to examine our language when we are caught in this conflict, if you listen to the words you are speaking these are telltale signs you may have intellectual clarity, rather than emotional clarity.

“I think so”

“I really should”

“I must”

“I have to”

The language of love (that which comes for the heart) sounds more like:

“I know”

“I want”

“I am going/doing/loving”

“I´m excited to….”

Like everything though, both the brain and the heart are like muscles that need to be exercised.. they don´t just become strong overnight.. and like any muscle, you need to feed them healthy nutrients, you need to develop them, build them up to make them stronger, then you will be flexing on autopilot 😉 Just like the big guys in the gym who bench press 70 Kilos, without a drip of sweat leaving their bodies.

The Power of Now and the Power of NO.

So how to we measure our muscle´s growth? if it were a bicep, we could use a measuring tape. If it were body fat, we could use a device to measure that. But when it comes to an internal “muscle” such as the heart or the brain, we can measure it by our feelings and actions. The Power of Now is about your ability to live in the moment. What is happening right NOW in your life? I love the expression “If you don´t like something, MOVE! YOU ARE NOT A TREE” how true is that? but equally as important is the Power of NO. No explanation necessary, no doubt, no fear- just NO!

Several years ago, I was very much living from my ego and my head (which by the way, when it get´s going, is similar to a child after eating sugar for 8 hours!) I´d always hear about living from the heart and inner peace, following your bliss, living your truth etc.. but how do you know when you are doing that? The answer came to me when after several years of hiding behind a mask, and being a complete people pleaser so people would like me, saying yes to everything- you said jump, i said “how high?” I found myself sitting with a friend who asked me if I would go with him to a beach rave in Croatia. The words that came out of my mouth, were possibly more powerful than anything else I had ever said to him. I simply said No. Without any explanation, or justification- and for the first time in my life, I felt free. That is clarity. That is powerful.

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Live your Authentic life and unlock the code to your Soul Destiny

Live your Authentic life and unlock the code to your Soul Destiny

Inspiring afternoon at Talk Radio Europe



On the Lifestyle show

On the Lifestyle show


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